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SmartScan - B


  • HTS - Hochtechnologiesysteme GmbH
    D-01640 Coswig / Dresden, Germany, E-Mail: info@htsdd.de;
  • Technische Universität Dresden, Institute of Autmation
    Prof. K. Janschek
    D-01062 Dresden, Germany, E-Mail: klaus.janschek(at)tu-dresden.de

Keywords: optoelectronic image correction, pushbroom cameras, optical correlator


This contract addresses the problem of image corrections for satellite pushbroom cameras due to satellite attitude instability effects. Satellite cameras with linear sensors are particularly sensitive to attitude errors, which cause considerable image distortions. An novel solution of distortions correction is presented, which is based on the real-time recording of the image motion in the focal plane of the satellite camera. This allows to use such smart pushbroom cameras (multi-/hyperspectral) even on moderately stabilised satellites, e.g. small sat's, LEO comsat's.

The proposed concept uses in-situ measurements of the image motion with additional CCD-sensors in the focal plane and real-time image processing of these measurements by an onboard Joint Transform Optical Correlator. The proof of feasibility of the concept and detailed performance figures have been derived with a optical processor hardware model and a pushbroom camera breadboard model, developed and manufactured under this ESA-contract.


IAA-Paper: Compensation of the Attitude Instability Effect on the Image Payload Performance with Optical Correlator
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Opto-electronic Image Correction for Multi-spectral Pushbroom Cameras (1)
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Opto-electronic Image Correction for Multi-spectral Pushbroom Cameras (2)
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