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SmartScan - C

Laufzeit: 15/02 - 07/02

Projektleiter Prof. Dr. techn. K. Janschek 
Mitarbeiter: Dr.-Ing. v. Tchernykh, Dipl.-Ing. S. Dyblenko, Dipl.-Ing. S. Plekhanov 
Wissenschaftl. Zusammenarbeit: HTS GmbH Coswig 
Finanzierung: European Space Agency, ESA/ESTEC Netherland


The project objectives are preparation and implementation of flight tests of a real time demonstrator of an advanced push broom camera. Due to image motion measurement technique this smart imaging system can provide high quality images even from moderate stable satellite platforms. The functionality and performances of the advanced push broom camera have been successfully tested during two probe flights on the aeroplane provided by Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Bonn.

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