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Application Study for an Optical Correlator

Laufzeit: 10/03 - 04/04

Projektleiter Prof. Dr. techn. K. Janschek 
Mitarbeiter: Dr.-Ing. V. Tchernkyh, Dr.-Ing. S. Dyblenko  
Wissenschaftl. Zusammenarbeit: Astrium SAS, Toulouse 
Finanzierung: ESA


The objective of this project is to make use of the existing optical correlator technique and to identify additional application areas, beside its application for the determination of the satellite pointing vector for pushbroom imagers. This could be any application in which an image processing is performed by a Fourier-transformation or a similar transformation, which can be optically processed. The scope of this activity comprises the identification of possible applications and their preliminary assessment. The most attractive application for utilization in space shall be proposed for a detailed design study in a Mid-term meeting. This selection requires the approval of the Agency. Within this detailed design study the application shall be defined to a conceptual design level. The benefits of the application for space utilization shall be highlighted. The emphasis of the detailed design work shall be put on the thorough study of the critical areas and all the constraints of the application for space utilization.

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