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Optoelectronic Satellite Navigation with Image Motion Tracking using an Optical Fourier Processor

Projektleiter: Prof. K. Janschek

Keywords: navigation systems, Fourier optics, image processing


A novel approach for autonomous navigation of satellites is presented. The proposed navigation concept uses robust image motion tracking for acquisition of navigational data and requires minimum a priori information. The system incorporates a single compact image sensor and a high speed optical image processing unit to provide real-time performances. With the possibility of determination of both position and attitude estimates this system could be a basis for full autonomous operation of a satellite. This can be of particular interest in context with missions to other planets: Mars, Europa, etc.

The results and products of the project are:

  • concept of optoelectronic system for autonomous navigation of satellites;
  • navigation and attitude determination algorithms based on image motion tracking;
  • analysis of navigation system performances (theoretical and simulation studies);
  • detailed simulation models of all system components and algorithms
    system limitations and constraints;
  • general specification of the system hardware.


IFAC-Paper: Satellite Autonomous Navigation based on Image Motion Analysis
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IFAC-Presentation: Satellite Autonomous Navigation based on Image Motion Analysis
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