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RTMS - Road Traffic Monitoring by Satellite

Project Duration: March 1999 to June 2000 (15 months)

Project Organisation

Contact: Prof. Dr. Klaus Janschek


Modern traffic information systems generally suffer from the lack of real-time data sources and high information transfer cost.

System Architecture

In spring 2000, a field test employing 50 FCD (Floating Car Data) cars operating in Rotterdam (NL) will be the first system using direct satellite communication links.

These co-operative vehicles will be equipped with mobile terminals, transferring real-time car status information (Position, velocity, etc.) to a traffic information centre (TIC).

The TIC will collect all data and estimate a wide-area traffic situation using statistical models. This information will be broadcast back to vehicles as traffic information services. Moreover, the data can be used for future road planning and traffic management systems.

Satellite Communication System

PRODAT-2 is a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) system using

  • omni-directional antennas on the mobile user side,
  • a small (1.8m dish) terminal at the TIC,
  • ITALSAT-2, a geostationary telecommunication satellite.

PRODAT-2 was developed by ESA for low data rate, low data volume mobile systems.

Future Activities

This project forms an important milestone for the realisation and demonstration of the advanced concept of synergetic data acquisition using telecommunication and earth observation resources of LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites. Advanced information fusion techniques will be used to combine complementary wide area traffic data derived from imaging instruments (camera, SAR ? synthetic aperture radar) with the randomly sample type FCD data in order to provide significantly more accurate and reliable high level information. The concept is planned to be demonstrated by the Dresden university microsatellite Traffic Eye.

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