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FAN - Model based Failure Projection Analysis and Detection

05/2015 - 11/2015 
Prof. Dr. techn. K. Janschek 
Dr.-Ing. A. Morozov 


Embedded hardware and software systems are vulnerable to environmental impacts, such as single event upsets that may cause silent data corruption and result in data errors at the software level. The occurred data can propagate further through heterogeneous system components. Error propagation has an influence on the system behavior in critical situations. Analysis of this phenomenon gives sound support for fault-tolerant system design. The error propagation analysis provides quantitative estimation of the likelihood of error propagation to hazardous parts of a system, which is an important input for the reliability assessment methods and helps to identify components that should be equipped with error detection or error recovery mechanisms.

In the frame of this project we have extended our analytical toolset and applied it for the analysis of a distributed space-to-ground haptic feedback system: ErrorPro - a tool for error propagation analysis, which consists of a user interface, and a complex back-end, which performs Markov-based analysis of data error propagation to selected system parts; Simulink Parser - a MATLAB software, which analyses a Simulink model and transforms it into XML format, supported by ErrorPro, for further analysis; ErrorSim - a MATLAB-based simulator that allows a user to mark error-prone Simulink blocks, run a number of simulations, and evaluate a number of error in selected blocks.

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