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CORRAL - Algorithms Optimisation & Real-Time Breadboard Concept

02/2017 - 04/2018 
Prof. Dr. techn. K. Janschek 
Dr.-Ing. V. Chernykh 
Jena Optronik (Jena, Germany) 


CORRAL image registration technology developed by Institute of Automation at Technische Universität Dresden provides mutual registration of sequences of overlapping satellite images. High registration accuracy is achieved also in presence of non-rigid frame-to-frame distortions and image content alteration due to frame-to-frame variations of spectral sensitivity.

In a precursor project the CORRAL image registration algorithms have been demonstrated successfully for the processing of the raw images produced by hyperspectral imager with Linear Variable Filter (LVF). The CORRAL technology has shown in particular as enabling technology for LVF-based hyperspectral imaging from loosely stabilized satellites.

As a result of the recently finished CORRAL activity the CORRAL algorithms have been optimized to enable real time operation with limited computational resources and the implementation strategy has been developed.

CORRAL image registration algorithms are also suitable for processing of the images affected by the other distorting factors, such as panoramic distortions and topography displacements, expanding the potential application area to High Resolution Earth observation missions, visual navigation for planetary landers and flying robots as well as correction of the imaging LIDAR data.

The industrial partner Jena-Optronik (JOP) aims to use CORRAL technology for imaging solutions including earth observation and relative navigation applications. These applications comprise:

  • Camera systems for tracking of e.g. fires / floods etc.
  • Postprocessing of LIDAR point clouds for satellite service missions.
  • Sensor fusion (Lidar provides excellent resolution in z, camera in x and y) sensor fusion provides a higher value for the customer.
  • Station keeping during docking manoeuvres via camera sensor (in sub pixel niveau at high frame rates)
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