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Ausgewählte Diplomarbeiten 2019

Sheng Ding 
(MASTER) Deep Learning based online anomaly detection for time-series data of embedded systems designed using Simulink models.
Betreuer: DI Ding, Dr. Morozov; HSL: Prof. Janschek 
Quiang Ge 
(MASTER) Dynamic control allocation of a Hexarotor with variable tilted Rotors.
Betreuer: DI Yao; HSL: Prof. Janschek 
Junjie Cai 
(MASTER) Automatic Generation of Analyzable Dual-Graph Error Propagation Models from Extended SysML Models.
Betreuer: Dr. Morozov, M.Eng. Steurer; HSL: Prof. Janschek 
Tung Le 
Weiterentwicklung und Validierung einer Anwendung zur multimodalen Inspektion textiler Produktoberflächen.
Betreuer: DI Martin; HSL: Dr. Braune 
Shixiong Li 
Design, modeling and control of arm systems for aerial manipulation.
Betreuer: DI Yao; HSL: Prof. Janschek 

Ausgewählte Studienarbeiten 2019

Beyer, M. 
Evaluation of the Effects of common Hardware Faults on the Accuracy of Safety-Critical Components.
Betreuer: Dr.-Ing. Morozov, DI Ding; HSL: Prof. Janschek 
Bozhi Cao 
Nonlinear Control of Multicopters Based on the Zero-Moment Direction.
Betreuer: DI Yao; HSL: Prof. Janschek 
Große, St. 
Weiterentwicklung und Validierung einer Anwendung zum Streaming multimodaler Inhalte.
Betreuer: DI Martin: HSL: Dr. Braune 
Qiaoqiao Huang 
Kalman Filter based wrench observer design for an aerial manipulator.
Betreuer: DI Yao; HSL: Prof. Janschek 
Zhou Lei 
Setup and Implementation of a Hardware-In-The-Loop (HIL) Simulation Testbed for the Vailidation of Docking Contact Dynamics.
Betreuer: M.Sc. Bondoky; HSL: Prof. Janschek 
Dingjun Long 
Failure diagnosis of a hexarotor with variable tilted rotors.
Betreuer: DI Yao; HSL: Prof. Janschek 
Chao Pan 
Optimization of DEPM DATA Flow for DTMC State Space Reduction.
Betreuer: Dr. Morozov; HSL: Prof. Janschek 
Schwarz, St. 
Impedanzregelung eines übersteuerten Luftmanipulationssystems auf Grundlage der Lageregelung.
Betreuer: DI Yao, HSL: Prof. Janschek 
Qihang Shi 
Determination and parameterization of safety metrics and development of safety assessment methods using MOBATSim.
Betreuer: Dr. Morozov, M.Sc. Saraoglu; HSL: Prof. Janschek 
Song Wu 
Development of a Multicopter Simulation Framework using Gazebo and ROS.
Betreuer: DI Yao; HSL: Pro.f Janschek 
Wenkai Wu 
Integration of Human Reliability Models into MOBATSim.
Betreuer: Dr. Morozov, M.Sc. Saraoglu; HSL: Prof. Janschek 
Quianqwei Yang 
Automatic model to model transformation from UML/SysML activity diagrams to stochastic Petri net models.
Betreuer: Dr. Morozov, M.Sc. Mutzke; HSL: Prof. Janschek 
Zihxian Yang 
(Bachelor) Simulation of a semi-omnidirektionale Hexacopter with Variable Tilted Rotors.
Betreuer: DI Yao; HSL: Prof. Janschek 
Yingyang Xiong 
Extension for the ErrorSim Software for the automatic generation ot the training and test data for automated online error detection.
Betreuer: M.Sc. Fabarisov, Dr. Morozov; HSL: Prof. Janschek 
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