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Optical Correlator for Push-Broom Images

Laufzeit: 10/2009 - 12/2013
Projektleiter: Prof. Dr. techn. K. Janschek 
Mitarbeiter: Dr.-Ing. V. Chernykh, Dipl.-Ing. A. Reich
Finanzierung: ESA / GSTP program


  • European Space Agency
  • RUAG Aerospace (Wallisellen, Switzerland)
  • CSEM (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Fraunhofer IPMS (Dresden, Germany)

Project goals:

  1. Development, test and validation of the elegant Breadboard Model of the Optical Correlator, suitable for demonstration of the optical flow navigation during the flight test onboard the Precision Landing Test Facility (ESA)
  2. Estimation of the space compatibility of the main optoelectronic components

Flight test configuration

Features of the model:

  1. Based on the MEMS spatial light modulator
  2. Off-the shelf optoelectronic components
  3. Designed to be used as test bench for space compatibility estimation of the main optoelectronic components, not optimized for minimal size/mass/power consumption
  4. Compatible with the Precision Landing Test Facility (ESA) on the base of an unmanned helicopter (vibrations tolerant, dust protected)

Model structure


  1. Dimensions: 200x200x400 mm
  2. Mass: 11.4 Kg (with navigation camera)
  3. Power consumption: 50 W
  4. Correlations rate: 1024 correlations/s
  5. Inputs: nav. camera images; reference image of the test site; estimated camera pose
  6. Output: corrected camera position/attitude
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