Entrance Exam

The admission procedure for the Master's programme in Electrical Engineering is being revised. Up-to-date information on the procedure will be published on these web pages in Februar 2015.

To be admitted to the Master's programme in Electrical Engineering, applicants have to pass an entrance exam, which takes place once a year. This exam consists of four parts. By passing all of them, the applicant proves that he/she has got a good basic understanding of mathematical-scientific, system-theoretical and technical subjects and can cope with the requirements of the Master's programme. Please find detailled information on the admission requirements in the Opens internal link in current windowregulations governing the aptitude test (= Eignungsfeststellungsordnung, in German only).

To prepare for this exam, applicants can take part in an optional preparation semester during the summer semester (April - July) before the Master's programme starts. The preparation semester is organized by TUDIAS and is divided into two parts: One part helps participants to prepare themselves for the different test subjects; the second part is a language course for these international applicants whose knowledge of Geman is not sufficient yet to be admitted to the master course. Participation in the preparation semester is strongly recommended, but it is no admission requirement. 

Applicants can ask for accommodation in the International Guest House of TU Dresden for the duration of the examination procedure. Applicants that are admitted to the entrance examination procedure will receive an invitation letter enclosing the form to be sent to the International Guest House if they want to use this offer. 

Subject, Type and Range of the Entrance Exam

The entrance examination procedure consists of four written exams, which are conducted in German:

  • Calculus for functions with several variables (duration of exam: 150 min.)
  • Electric and Magnetic Fields (duration of exam: 150 min.)
  • System Theory (duration of exam: 120 min.)
  • Electronic Circuits (duration of exam: 180 min.)

The entrance exams take place at TU Dresden.

The entrance examination procedure is passed if all of the applicant's test results are graded "sufficient" or better.

Registration for the Entrance Exams

In addition to the application for the master's programme, applicants need to register for the entrance examinations. Please use Initiates file downloadthis form (in German only) for the registration: fill it in electronically, print and sign it and send it to the contact given on top of the form. The deadline for registration for the entrance examinations expires on 31 May every year.

Registrations for the entrance examinations are considered as binding. If registered applicants are prevented from taking part in the examinations for any reason, the registration needs to be cancelled.

Entrance Exams 2014

The entrance examinations will be conducted at TU Dresden in the period from 21 July until 16 August 2014. 

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